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The Importance of Legacy Planning

We understand how important your estate planning is. We also understand how important it is to preserve your legacy beyond your lifetime. Legacy planning come

s in many forms, but most believe it is charitable giving or leaving your name on a building. That may a part of it but there is so much more. Below are some of the legacy items we will help you prepare to pass on from generation to generation.

Photos and Videos

Sometimes photos are the only memory that we have preserved from a loved one. Today, more of us preserve those memories through videos. We utilize modern technology to provide you with a way to store all of your photos and videos in one organized platform that will never get wet, burned or destroyed.

Moments and Stories

Writing our stories and the moments we shared will provide laughs and tears. It is the moments and stories that cannot be taken away from us. Our digital platform will provide you with an organized place to preserve the stories and moments for future generations.

Lessons Learned

Education goes beyond our lifetime. We can all relate to times when we wished someone had told us something before, we encountered it. An ethical will is an excellent way to pass on morals, traditions and lessons learned which can be used for future generations. We have the templates and digital storage for you to share your lessons learned for grandchildren and future generations.

Charitable or Passionate Causes

Charitable planning is not about leaving millions to your college or charity. Charities can use food, tangible items like cars and other forms of useful items. Our digital technology will help you understand your charitable options so that you can give back one last time to something that has given to you in your lifetime.

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