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Money Milestones for Every Estate Plan

April is Financial Literacy Month! Let's build and protect MORE wealth!

As an estate planning attorney, I want my client's estate plan to do what they need it to do, when they need it to. Handing my clients estate planning documents without having these conversations is like handing them the keys to an expensive sports car without it being insured.

Here's why these milestones are important. Here's a quick recap!

Milestone 1: Getting Educated Education is key and the first milestone in building generational wealth & becoming financially free; according to the top selling financial literacy book, written by Steve Siebold and Tom Matthews; How Money Works. We will dive deep into each milestone on the 29th. Join us! Milestone 2: Securing Proper Protection Back in the day, life insurance reeked of expiration dates and didn't do much for the living individual. Today life insurance has evolved also proving to the benefit of the living insured and being one of the fastest ways to fund a family trust. Think on the lines of gaining prosperity via properly planned protection like Long Term Care Insurance that can help you avoid putting your hard earned assets on the line down the road. Being uninsured and underinsured can be devastating for families.

Milestone 3: Creating An Emergency Fund The pandemic taught us all about the importance of this one! If you were to lose your job today, how long would you be able to sustain your current lifestyle? I'll wait. Chances are your answer would not sustain you through the next 6 months. No more living paycheck to paycheck. Ever. Milestone 4: Debt Management - ”Debt is the greatest obstacle to a sound financial future and becoming financially independent”"- How Money Works We all need a plan to manage and eradicate debt from depleting our personal flow of prosperity. Every dollar you spend on debt equals ten dollars that is not building your estate. (Sidebar: if you have student loan debt, make sure you're in the best repayment program for your family and ask me how to take it off your credit report to decrease your debt to income ratio!) Milestone 5: Increase Cash Flow A halt on abundance in your pockets can in all cases be explored and regulated to bring your currency back into its natural state of flow. In most cases a simple reduction in expense will do the trick. Most people have no idea how much they spend on lattes and eating out each month. Keeping track here is key! Milestone 6: Build Your Wealth No matter a legacy of debt or wealth, you will be leaving your legacy to your loved ones. Which would you rather give them? The answer is obvious, but it is one you have to plan for. Not to mention you have so much living left to do, and you want your wealth to last as long as you do. As for generational wealth, you want your wealth to exceed you. Milestone 7: Protect your wealth - WITH SOLID ESTATE PLANNING! What is the point of building a legacy you are unwilling to protect? What is the point of fulfilling your purpose, unwilling to give? Provide your family with blessings long after you are gone. Establish your estate so they can celebrate your life, rather than worry about all your unfinished business.

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